Uplift Homes

Project Name Expense Amount
Donate 1 Tin Home $700
Donate 1 Half-Brick Home $2100
Donate 1 Mud-Brick Home $500

$1,000.00 Raised
$2,500.00 Goal

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    1. Write a check payable to "Uplift You Inc”
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Uplift You Inc
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Donation Total: $50.00

Uplift HOMES

Millions of people in South Asia like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, etc. impacted by one of the worst flooding ever seen. Flood destroyed thousands of homes and caused many lives. Millions became homeless and desperately need our support to rebuild their home. Uplift HOME aims to support the most vulnerable communities, our initial plan is to help rebuild housing for orphans, disabled, elderly, and women.

Uplift HOME Past Projects

– Br. Mokul and his family were struggling to live in an old 1 bedroom with 5 children specially in winter. He could not move to his new home due to incomplete work and he does not have the fund to complete the work. Uplift HOME donor provided poor elderly, Br. Mokul and his family with woods, tins, muds, and labor costing total project to be about $620 and helped him shift to his new home. – Uplift You collaborated with CSR Society to re-build 11 mud-brick homes impacted by recent flood for a small village located near Islamabad, Pakistan. It cost Uplift You $1000 to rebuild 11 mud-brick homes for the poor families. If you are interested to donate tin home or half-brick home in honor & memory of your loved ones, alive or deceased to benefit them with continuous rewards from Allah (SWA), please reach out to our team at [email protected] for more details or you can donate by selecting either tin home or half-brick home on the donation page.