Empowerment Story 11

Widow with a disabled child received tubewell with a sanitation

UpLift You in its most recent efforts, gifted a deep tube-well with a safe shower and sanitation facility for a widow with a disabled child, Tahmid, currently residing in Bangladesh. In addition, Uplift You provided a gift of 10 local hens for their family’s financial support. Funds were raised in the Ekkator Foundation Panta Ilish event for the victims of Flood Relief. Tahmid’s family needed urgent help since their house was destroyed by the recent floods in Bangladesh.

Tahmid is a disabled child, who lives with his widowed mother and a younger brother. In particular, they lack safe drinking water and clean sanitation/shower facility for their family. Tahmid and the people of the remote area utilized river water as tubewell water, which was not easily accessible in the area as their house is on the banks of the river. Having access to safe drinking water and a clean sanitation facility is not only a basic human right for Tahmid and his family, but it is essential for protecting vulnerable communities; safeguarding poor and needy residents in the remote areas from water related illnesses and infectious diseases.

The Uplift You family expressed their interest to extend their hand of service to Tahmid’s family by successfully installing a deep tube-well for safe drinking water, a full bathroom with a proper sanitation, a full wall-shower with privacy, and 10 local hens for family prosperity.